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void TCLAP::CmdLine::add ( Arg a ) [inline, virtual]

An alternative add. Functionally identical.

a- Argument to be added.

Implements TCLAP::CmdLineInterface.

Definition at line 365 of file CmdLine.h.

References _argList, _numRequired, TCLAP::Arg::addToList(), TCLAP::Arg::isRequired(), and TCLAP::Arg::longID().

      for( ArgListIterator it = _argList.begin(); it != _argList.end(); it++ ) 
            if ( *a == *(*it) ) 
                  throw( SpecificationException( 
                              "Argument with same flag/name already exists!", 
                              a->longID() ) );

      a->addToList( _argList );

      if ( a->isRequired() ) 

Here is the call graph for this function:

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