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template<class T >
TCLAP::UnlabeledValueArg< T >::UnlabeledValueArg ( const std::string &  name,
const std::string &  desc,
const std::vector< T > &  allowed,
CmdLineInterface parser,
bool  ignoreable = false,
Visitor v = NULL 

UnlabeledValueArg constructor. Note that this constructor does not have a required flag. Any unlabeled argument added to the CmdLine is by default required. If you want optional, unlabeled arguments then use an UnlabeledMultiArg.

name- A one word name for the argument. Can be used as a long flag on the command line.
desc- A description of what the argument is for or does.
value- The default value assigned to this argument if it is not present on the command line.
allowed- A vector of type T that where the values in the vector are the only values allowed for the arg.
parser- A CmdLine parser object to add this Arg to
ignoreable- Allows you to specify that this argument can be ignored if the '--' flag is set. This defaults to false (cannot be ignored) and should generally stay that way unless you have some special need for certain arguments to be ignored.
v- Optional Vistor. You should leave this blank unless you have a very good reason.

Definition at line 254 of file UnlabeledValueArg.h.

References TCLAP::Arg::_ignoreable, and TCLAP::CmdLineInterface::add().

: ValueArg<T>("", name, desc, true, val, allowed,  v)
      _ignoreable = ignoreable;
      parser.add( this );

Here is the call graph for this function:

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