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template<class T >
TCLAP::UnlabeledValueArg< T >::UnlabeledValueArg ( const std::string &  name,
const std::string &  desc,
const std::string &  typeDesc,
CmdLineInterface parser,
bool  ignoreable = false,
Visitor v = NULL 

UnlabeledValueArg constructor. Note that this constructor does not have a required flag. Any unlabeled argument added to the CmdLine is by default required. If you want optional, unlabeled arguments then use an UnlabeledMultiArg.

name- A one word name for the argument. Can be used as a long flag on the command line.
desc- A description of what the argument is for or does.
value- The default value assigned to this argument if it is not present on the command line.
typeDesc- A short, human readable description of the type that this object expects. This is used in the generation of the USAGE statement. The goal is to be helpful to the end user of the program.
parser- A CmdLine parser object to add this Arg to
ignoreable- Allows you to specify that this argument can be ignored if the '--' flag is set. This defaults to false (cannot be ignored) and should generally stay that way unless you have some special need for certain arguments to be ignored.
v- Optional Vistor. You should leave this blank unless you have a very good reason.

Definition at line 225 of file UnlabeledValueArg.h.

References TCLAP::Arg::_ignoreable, and TCLAP::CmdLineInterface::add().

: ValueArg<T>("", name, desc, true, val, typeDesc, v)
      _ignoreable = ignoreable;
      parser.add( this );

Here is the call graph for this function:

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